We support our members with the tools, education, and networking necessary to conduct their business successfully, professionally, and with the highest ethical standards.


Upcoming Events & Meetings:

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May 6:  Program/Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 9 am, JCBR Conference Room

May 6:  Affiliate Committee Meeting, 10 am, JCBR Classroom

May 13:  Board of Directors Meeting, 9 am, JCBR Conference Room

May 14:  Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting, 9 am, JCBR Conference Room

May 14:  RPAC Committee Meeting, 10 am, JCBR Conference Room

May 20:  Membership Committee Meeting, 9 am, JCBR Conference Room

May 22:  New Member Orientation, 9 am-3 pm, JCBR Classroom

Golf Tournament:  June 4th, Union Hills in Pevely


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If you are struggling to or cannot make your mortgage payment - HELP IS AVAILABLE!
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