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2017 Leadership

Board of Directors

President, Butch Fehr

President-Elect, Kim Sebaugh

Vice President, Mary Jauer

Secretary/Treasurer, Ashlie Smith

Immediate Past President, Dean Eshelman

Local Director, Larry Palmer

Local Director, Traci Palmero

Local Director, Nancy Graham

State Director, Lynda Steiner

State Director, Sherri McNeely

State Director, Janis Hammerschmidt

State Director, Becky Ruth

State Director,  Amanda Mange

MLS DirectorDean Eshelman

ParliamentarianJason Fulbright

Committee Chairs

Affiliate Committee Chair, Tonya West

Education Committee Chair, Charlene Robinson

Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, Jason Fulbright

Grievance Committee Chair, Scott Braswell

Membership Committee Chair, Mary Jauer

Professional Standards Committee Chair, Robin Haynes

RPAC Chair, Traci Palmero

Strategic Planning/Finance Committee Chair, Dean Eshelman

Ways & Means Committee Chairs, Tim and Kate Day


Contracts & Forms Representative, Cindy Callahan
Public Relations Representative, Amanda Mange


Executive Officer, Cathi Stafford

Membership Coordinator & Office Assistant, Katie Hunziker